XXXTentacion Dreads Evolution

His hair, which played a significant role in his appearance, is one of the more memorable characteristics of his life. Fans frequently imitated XXXTentacion’s style and bleaching of his dreads as a support and tribute to his life.

XXXTentacion Dreads Evolution

While his rap career made him famous, he also attracted notice for sporting various hairstyles, outfits, and artistic works.

His hair was maintained and retwisted at the root as it started to develop and mat. He kept his sides shaved the entire time to achieve the high-top dreads look but before we take a deep dive, let’s have a short look at his biography.


Rapper XXXTentacion, a Floridian, established his career with the reputation of being rap’s most divisive figure. His brief but brilliant career is littered with headlines emphasizing his best and worst experiences. His legacy is contentious; some laud him for being open and sincere in his songs about his difficulties with mental illness, while others criticize him for a long history of violence. Here’s a recap of his complete life, work, and legacy.

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After his song “News/Flock” was released in June 2013, X’s musician career was officially underway. Interviews claim that Stokeley Goulbourne, also known as Ski Mask the Slump God, was a person he met while in juvenile incarceration on gun possession charges. According to several sources consulted for a biography due out in 2020, the couple met while still in high school. Ski Mask and X started freestyling together and became close friends.

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After his release from a juvenile jail facility in the same year, he and Ski Mask reconnected to carry out a series of house invasions. In the end, X invested in a Blue Snowball microphone and started recording music; this inspired Ski to follow suit. After X changed his name to XXXTentacion, he posted his debut single, “Vice City,” on SoundCloud.

His stage name is “Tentación,” Spanish for “temptation.” Speaking on his decision to give up a life of crime for music, X claimed that his then-girlfriend Geneva Ayala was instrumental in making him realize that music was a better outlet for his emotions. After X left Ski Mask, the Slump God’s organization Very Rare and formed the Members Only collective, Ski Mask eventually joined it.

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The 18th of June 2018 saw tragedy. At 3:56 PM EDT, X attempted to leave the Riva Motorsports Motorcycle & Marine Superstore in Deerfield Beach, Florida but was stopped by two armed guys in an SUV.

They then robbed him in the parking lot and shot him many times. The gunmen’s SUV drove away from the crime site. At the hospital, X was declared dead.

At precisely 5:30 p.m., the Broward County Sheriff’s Office reported his passing. Two days after the incident, the suspect, Dedrick Devonshay Williams, was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder without malice.

Three individuals, including the triggerman Michael Boatwright, were detained for their roles in the incident in the weeks that followed.

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On June 27, 2018, an open casket service for X was held at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida, where mourners may pay their respects. Rappers Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty and singer Erykah Badu attended his private funeral on June 28, 2018.

At Gardens of Boca Raton Memorial Park in Boca Raton, Florida, he was interred in a mausoleum.

X designated his mother, Cleopatra, and brother Aiden as the only heirs of his estate in his will. The will was drafted before his partner became pregnant. Therefore, it did not include a name for the child she was carrying at the time of his death.

After his passing, the accusations against him for domestic abuse that were set to go to trial were dismissed.

XXXTentacion Dreads over the years.

How Did XXXTentacion Maintain His Dreadlocks?

XXXTentacion maintains his dreadlocks by routinely retwisting them with Aloe Vera Gel or natural oils. He frequently dyes his hair, as evidenced by his dreadlocks.

Although his hair is bleached, there is no indication that he locs are thinning. Additionally, the fact that there are congos in his hair dreads indicates that he allows his hair some latitude to move and link.

You should cut the sides of your hair to retain a high top because the sides and rear of his head are faded. You may always attempt the towel approach for straight hair: Start by rubbing your hair in a circular motion daily until it becomes locked.

How Long Did It Take XXXTentacion To Achieve His Dreads?

XXXTentacion’s dreads have been the topic of conversation since they first appeared on his head. Some fans are even trying to get their own dreads done in honor of XXXTentacion.

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However, there’s still no clear answer about how long it took him to achieve his signature look.

The only information we have comes from an Instagram post, which said that it took 4 years for XXXTentacion to get his dreads that long. But was this just a joke or was he serious?

According to XXL, XXXTentacion was first seen with dreads in 2014, but it wasn’t until 2016 that he officially announced his love for them.

In a video posted on Instagram in January 2016, the rapper explained that he had been growing out his hair for a while and wanted to see how long it would get. “I’ve been growing my hair out for quite some time now, I just never showed it because I wanted to see how long my hair would get before I started wearing them braids again and all that,” he said.

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