Sisterlocks: Styles, Installation,& Benefits

Sisterlocks are a long-term, convenient natural style. They’re a popular option for women with short to medium-length hair who want to embrace their natural texture.

But it’s tough and sometimes dangerous to remove locs. The Sisterlock method involves braiding your own hair before securing the sections with a special tool. The result is a low-maintenance ‘do that can last up to five years or longer if cared for properly.

Sisterlocks fans can learn if the style suits their hair, styling preferences, and lifestyle. Learn more about installation, care, and styling choices for Sisterlocks below.

What Are Sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks are a natural hairstyle popular among women with kinky, curly, or wavy hair. The locks are secured with a lock-installation tool and a silicone-based gel. To remove the locks, you can’t just pull them out. You’ll need to use scissors to cut them off — a process that can take hours.

They are a type of protective hairstyle that uses a lock-installation tool to attach individual sections of hair to each other at the root with a silicone-based gel.

The Sisterlocks hair care technique was developed in 1993 by Dr. JoAnn Cornwell. She didn’t want to utilize chemicals or hair extensions to achieve a natural loc hairstyle.

A licensed consultant uses a proprietary interlocking tool to apply Sisterlocks. This aids the consultant in making tidy, even locs and resembles a crochet hook.

They weave elaborate locs using a variety of interlocking designs.

Sisterlocks are a long-term protective hairstyle that requires little upkeep and offers hair a reprieve from pulling and heating. The locs continue to be small, flexible, and simple to manage because the hair has retained its natural texture.

The Benefits of Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks are a type of traditional weave created from two sets of hair that are intertwined together. The locks are formed when each individual’s hair is pulled tight against the scalp, similar to how dreadlocks are created. There are many benefits associated with sisterlocks, including:

  • Sisterlocks provide protection against heat damage. Because the locks trap heat close to your scalp, they help protect your hair against heat damage, which can cause breakage and other damage.
  • It prevents split ends. Split ends occur when hair is not held tightly to the scalp, and as a result can be prone to breaking and growing into shorter strands. Sisterlocks help keep split ends at bay by keeping hair tightly pulled to the scalp.
  • Sisterlocks promote healthy hair growth. When your hair is tightly woven together it’s more difficult forsplit ends and other styling problems to develop – this in turn promotes healthy hair growth and prevents flyaways.
  • It can provide natural protection from humidity and environmental pollutants. Because sisterlocks form a closed unit on the head, they offer some level of protection from extreme humidity and environmental pollutants such as smoke or dust particles.
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How To Install Sisterlocks Hair Braids

Installation of sisterlocks is a joint effort that starts with a consultation. To locate a licensed consultant, people might search their local area. To choose who is the best fit, they might wish to explore a few possibilities. The stylist ought to be capable, reliable, and professional.

People may find it useful to make a digital photo album to show their stylist before their appointment. A person can consult with a stylist before beginning the installation. They can talk about their lifestyle and hair care routines throughout the appointment.

This allows clients an opportunity to speak with their consultant in person to address questions, concerns, and preferences for size and design. The consultant can explain how to maintain Sisterlocks, which entails daily care and recurring tightening sessions.

To determine which pattern will work best for the client’s hair texture, the consultant will typically implant a few test Sisterlocks in the client’s hair.

The installation procedure, timeframe, and price can then be described. These often rely on a person’s head size, hair length and density, and size of the locs.

Due to the fact that installation might take anywhere from 12 to 36 hours, the stylist will usually split the sessions into at least two appointments.

Prior to the installation session, one must wash their hair and leave all styling products at home. The consultant will accurately divide the hair into a grid pattern for the installation and use a tool to interlock each portion of hair.

Is Sisterlocks Bad For Your Hair?

No, sisterlocks is not a permanent style, and you can get it removed if you want to return to your natural hair texture. But the process of removing the Sisterlocks may be painful and can result in breakage or thinning of your hair if done improperly or without proper care during and after installation.

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Because Sisterlocks uses braiding techniques to create locs, there’s no negative impact on your scalp or hair follicles when compared with other forms of locking such as cornrows or twists.

Does Sisterlocks Cause Hair Loss?

There is a lot of misinformation and scaremongering surrounding the locks, which is why it’s so important to get the facts before making any decisions. Sisterlocks are not linked to hair loss in any way. In fact, sisterlocks can help restore hair health and increase hair growth!

Sisterlocks are resistant to breakage and can last for up to two years without needing to be redone. They also help reduce stress on the scalp, which can help improve overall hair health.

If you’re interested in trying sisterlocks, consult with your stylist first because they may need to adjust the style based on your particular head shape and length.

Is Sisterlocks Good For Hair Growth?

Sisterlocks is a protective style that is great for growing out your natural hair. It does not require heat or chemicals and can be worn for as long as you want. It also leaves your hands free, so you can still do things like cook or clean while your hair is in the locks.

The process of locking can also help to stimulate growth because it helps with blood flow to the scalp, which allows nutrients to reach every part of your scalp and nourish it on a daily basis. This also helps increase circulation throughout your entire body, which can help improve overall health.

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Locking also creates more volume in your hair because when you twist each individual strand, it allows for more space between each strand than if you just left them loose. This means there’s more room for moisture retention, which helps to keep your hair hydrated and healthy at all times during this style.

How Long Does It Take To Do Sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks are a popular hair extension method that uses braided hair to create a locking mechanism. The process takes around two hours to complete, and the extensions can last up to six months, depending on how often they are styled.

Unlike traditional hair extensions, sisterlocks are designed to be worn close to the scalp so that they do not pull or tangle. This creates a natural look with minimal upkeep. Additionally, sisterlocks are heat-resistant, so they can be worn during summer weather without fear of damage.


In the end, you decide if Sisterlocks are something that you want to work with. There is plenty of information available online to allow you to make up your mind one way or the other.

But regardless of whether or not this hair style is for you, we hope that this article has been helpful in preparing you for a Sisterlocks journey.

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