Rappers With Dreadlocks And How You Can Get Them

Rappers with dreadlocks have been a staple in the hip-hop industry since the early days. Even though the hairstyle has been around for centuries, it has taken on a new meaning in recent years.

For many people, dreadlocks are a symbol of strength and power. They are often seen as a way to rebel against societal norms and expectations. Rappers with dreadlocks often use them to show their unique style and personality.

This blog post will discuss some of the most popular rappers with dreadlocks and how they wear their hair.

Rappers With Dreadlocks And How You Can Get Them

Here are some well-known rappers wearing the dreadlock hairdo in case you need some styling ideas.

Asap Rocky

Asap Rocky rose to the top of the international fashion scene because to his long, braided hair and skill as a rapper. ASAP Rocky’s unusual hairdo is just as well known in the entertainment world as his songs.

In case you’re curious about the rapper’s outfit or his numerous hairstyles, we’ve put together a collection of some of his best appearances.


Ludacris hasn’t worn his distinctive 00s braids in a while. The rapper from Atlanta trimmed off his hair in favor of a more conventional buzz cut, but the original Luda braids will always have a special place in our hearts.

The Grammy winner appears to have had time to let his hair grow out while he was in quarantine since yesterday he debuted his retro hairdo on social media, igniting nostalgia.

J. Cole

When we look closely at J Cole’s dreads, we can observe that his locs come in a variety of sizes and densities. His healthy, minimally-manipulatable hair is the one thing that remains constant about it.

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Cole’s hair was no longer a loose afro for most of 2016, but rather twists that were developing into locs. His journey of hair growth was documented in interviews, music videos, and album covers.

By the time 2017 rolled around, his hair had developed into semi-freeform locs. densely packed and having a brief length.

Cole’s hair is thick, long, and healthy right now. Despite the fact that music is his first love, he recently joined the Rwanda Patriots Basketball Club, a new league in the Basketball Africa series. He ties his hair back during games to prevent any distractions.

Playboi Carti

Playboi Carti appears to have started out with freeform dreads before maintaining it over time. Dreadlocks can allow you to switch between freeform and maintained styles at any time. Rubber bands are frequently used to secure the two-strand twist in Playboi Carti’s hair. His hair has been colored and bleached.

If you plan to bleach your hair to mimic his appearance, make sure a professional does it. Additionally, you can re-twist your hair using the coil technique if you don’t want to start with the free-form method.

and I hope he keeps them that way.

Polo G

Polo G appears to have begun with free-form or a hair sponge. Once more, I adore the fact that he refrained from bleaching or multi-color dying his dreadlocks.

Additionally, he kept his locs in place by retwisting his hair and styling it in two-strand twists.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is renowned for his daring hairdos, including ponytails, cornrows, and curls. But his journey with the dreads will always be my favorite. Snoop began growing his long, healthy dreadlocks in 2012 while on vacation in Jamaica.

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He began with the two-strand twist and embraced the Rastafarian roots. He combined two or three locs to create a thick loc and has kept his dreadlocks ever since.


Another rapper who is smug about having dreadlocks. This is apparent from the way he maintains his hair. Millions of people admire Wale Dread, whose dreadlocks come in various fresh styles.

Looking at pictures of Wale, it appears that the coil method was used to begin his dreadlocks. His tiny, meticulously maintained locs require frequent retwisting. For those with 4c hair, wale dreadlocks are among the simplest to achieve.

Young Thug

Young Thug has cut off and reinstalled his dreadlocks. There is no issue with this because, occasionally, you might not like how your dreads develop. His hair is 4C. He could have started his dreads using either of the two techniques I mentioned earlier.

If I had to pick one, he began using the coil method. His dreadlocks occasionally have the appearance of being thicker and longer. He has extensions for his dreadlocks. 100% human hair extensions are a fantastic way to encourage hair growth. You can install them using a few techniques, but a crochet needle is the most common.

Lil Durk

If you look at Lil Durk’s older photo, you’ll notice that he started with the coil method (twisting with the gel). Since you can twist your hair with your fingers or a rat-tail comb, this technique is the simplest.

His dreads are quite well kept, and he frequently retwists his hair. His hair is bleached, and he occasionally twists two strands of his dreadlocks together.

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Lil Baby

I spent an hour reviewing every photo and video of Lil Baby before I concluded that he started using the coil method. He then re-twisted his hair with gel to create his incredibly well-maintained dreadlocks.

Additionally, he has a temporary fade that gives his dreads a new look. I’m so happy to see a rapper with natural-looking dreads. At this point, Lil Baby’s dreadlocks appear in great shape,

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