The Ultimate Guide to Tipping for Haircuts at Salons and Barbershops: How Much to Give

Getting a haircut is a social activity for many people – you get to catch up with your hairstylist or barber, and you end up leaving the salon or barbershop feeling refreshed and confident. But when it comes to tipping, it can be a tricky topic.

The Ultimate Guide to Tipping for Haircuts at Salons and Barbershops: How Much to Give

How much do you tip? Is 10% enough? Should you tip more if your hair was particularly difficult to style? In this blog post, we will answer all of these questions and more.

We’ll explore the etiquette behind tipping at salons and barbershops, discuss how much you should tip for a haircut, and provide tips on how to choose the right amount that’s fair for both parties.

How Much to Tip for a Haircut at a Salon or Barbershop

It is always a good idea to show your appreciation for a job well done with a tip. But how much should you tip for a haircut at a salon or barbershop? Here are some guidelines to help you decide:

  • If you’re happy with your haircut, a 15-20% tip is appropriate.
  • If you had a difficult time communicating what you wanted or the stylist wasn’t able to deliver the results you were hoping for, 10-15% is still a fair amount.
  • For very simple haircuts (like trims), it’s okay to lower the percentage to 10%.

The standard amount to tip for a haircut at a salon or barbershop is 15-20% of the total bill. However, the amount can vary depending on the quality of the service received the cost of the haircut, and personal preferences. It’s always appropriate to tip more if you received exceptional service.

Of course, ultimately it’s up to you to decide how much to tip based on your own experience and budget. Just remember that these are only guidelines and not hard and fast rules – so if you want to give an extra big tip because your stylist went above and beyond, go for it!

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Do You Tip During a Hair Consultation?

One of the most crucial elements of a salon visit may be a consultation. You’ll meet with your stylist before your appointment if you schedule a consultation.

They will look at your hair and discuss your hair objectives with you.

They will then decide what is and isn’t feasible. So that your appointment runs smoothly, they will come up with ideas for how to give you the best results possible.

You can get to know your stylist better during a consultation, which can also make the actual appointment much more comfortable. The fact that most consultations are free is one of their best features. You also are not required to leave a tip because you are not paying.

A light-skinned black man with type 3 curly hair is a devoted customer and gets along well with his hairdresser.

Do You Leave Tips When Having Your Hair Styled?

Hairstylists occasionally make mistakes because they aren’t perfect. Your new haircut can be overly choppy and blunt, or your hair color might not turn out the right shade.

You can possibly have significant damage that necessitates an impromptu haircut. Therefore, regrettably, you might need to make another trip to the salon so that your stylist can correct the error.

The stylist was at fault, thus these salon visits are frequently free.

However, there is considerable ambiguity regarding whether or not the client should leave a tip. For you as the customer, getting your hair restored is a huge nuisance. No tip is expected if the stylist is correcting an error they made during your initial session.

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A stylist may actually decline to accept a tip in specific circumstances because they are the ones that inconvenienced you. If the repair requires a substantial period of time, then there is one exception to this rule.

If you like the new results and the stylist is losing a lot of business, you might wish to give the stylist a tip.

Before receiving a haircut, a black man with naturally curly hair is getting a shampoo and conditioning treatment.

Do You Give the Hair Salon Owner a Tip?

There’s a widespread notion that you shouldn’t give the proprietor of a hair salon a tip. It is assumed that salon owners don’t require the additional funds because they have other streams of income and are not required to rent a booth in order to operate.

This isn’t always the case, though. The majority of salon owners perform two jobs.

They manage the day-to-day operations and management of the salon. Owners of salons will occasionally perform services such as hair cutting or style directly on clients.

Therefore, you should tip the salon owner like you would any other stylist when they work on your hair. Only if they offer you a service is this the case. You are not required to tip the salon owner if they are there but only do the hair.

How Much to Tip for a Haircut at a Barbershop

In order to show your appreciation for a great haircut, it is customary to leave a tip for your barber. But how much should you actually be tipping? 15-20% of the bill is standard, but you can always give a little extra if you were especially happy with the service. For example, if your haircut was $20, a $3-$4 tip would be appropriate.

How to Tip for Other Services at a Salon or Barbershop

In addition to your stylist or barber, there are often other salon or barbershop employees who contribute to your service. These may include the shampoo person, colorist, assistant, and/or front desk person. While the standard 15-20% tip for a haircut also applies to these services, you may want to consider tipping each individual according to the level of service they provided.

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For instance, if you received an exceptional shampoo and scalp massage, you may want to add a couple of extra dollars to the envelope. The same goes for a colorist who went above and beyond to make sure your hair color turned out just right.

When in doubt, err on the side of generosity; these people work hard and deserve our appreciation!

When Should You Not Tip?

There are a few occasions when you should not tip for a haircut. If the service was terrible and/or the stylist was rude, you are not obligated to leave a tip. You also don’t need to tip if the salon offers complimentary valet parking or if you’ve been given a discount on your service.


Knowing how much to tip for a haircut at a salon or barbershop can be tricky, but it is always important to consider the quality of service you received and reward accordingly. Ultimately, no one wants to leave an unsatisfying experience without tipping adequately; when in doubt, it’s best to err on the side of generosity.

A good rule of thumb is that the average range should fall between 10-20%, although this may vary depending on your budget and level of satisfaction with the haircut. Remember: if your stylist did an outstanding job, don’t forget show them some extra appreciation!

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