Best 50 Inspiring dreadlocks quotes For You

The dreadlock quotes that you are about to read will leave you inspired and motivated to have one of the boldest hairstyles ever.

Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that has been popularized by several religions, including Hinduism and Islam. The hair of the dreadlock can be twisted and locked into position using wax-based products.

No matter how you look at it, dreadlocks are a way to express yourself. Here is a list of 50 inspiring quotes about dreadlocks that will inspire your next hairstyle!

  1. A dreadlocks is a crown of thorns.” — Rastafarian saying
  2. “Dreadlocks are an expression of self-love and they are also an act of rebellion against the idea of beauty being limited to one type.” — Jada Pinkett Smith
  3. “The thing about dreads is that they are a lot like life, they can be messy, they can be wild, they can be beautiful and they will change over time.” — Chidera Otaigbe
  4. “I use my dreads as a tool for people to look at me and say ‘oh she’s dirty because she has dreadlocks’ or whatever, but then when I go into the office and I’m wearing a suit and tie with them, it changes their perspective on who I am as a person.” — Rico Rodriguez
  5. “In my culture [in India] there’s no such thing as ‘unnatural hair’. You’re born with it or you’re not born with it. It’s just part of your body.” — Zendaya Coleman
  6. Some people think dreadlocks are dirty but they don’t know how hard it is to maintain them.”
  7. Dreadlocks are a way of life, a lifestyle, and one of the most beautiful ways to wear your hair.”
  8. “I love my dreads because they have taught me how to be patient with myself and my journey in life.”
  9. “The first time I saw dreadlocks, I was so amazed by this woman’s strength and resistance towards oppression.”
  10. “Dreadlocks are not just hair; they are a lifestyle, a culture, an expression of freedom and individuality! They are what makes you beautiful!”
  11. “My hair is not just a hairstyle, it’s part of who I am as a person.”
  12. “Love your locks and own them! Don’t conform just because society says you should! Be different if you want to be different; don’t do it because you think others will accept you more.”
  13. “I’m tired of people telling me what to do with my body/hair/clothes/etc.”
  14. “If someone asks why your hair is like that just tell them that it is because YOU wanted it like that!”
  15. “When you get dreadlocks, you’re making a choice and saying ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks about me.’”
  16. “Dreads are an extension of my personality and an expression of my individuality. They have become a part of me as much as my face or body.”
  17. “The best thing about having dreads is being able to have a conversation with someone and them not knowing if I am black or white, because they just see my hair first.”
  18. “I love how people look at me differently when I have my locs out in public because they are afraid to touch them because they don’t want them to tangle up and get ruined by other people touching them when they aren’t supposed to be touched by anyone but their owner/creator! It makes me feel like a celebrity sometimes! Lol! But all jokes aside I wouldn’t trade mine for anything in this world! My locs are my pride & joy & I hope that one day these
  19. “I’m not a dreadhead ’cause I love the way my hair looks. I’m a dreadhead because I love the way it feels.”
  20. “I’ve been growing my hair for about a year now and I love it. It’s a great way to express myself.”
  21. “My hair is my pride and joy, it’s like my crown.”
  22. “I’m proud of my dreads because they are natural, free, and unapologetic!”
  23. “Dreadlocks are an opportunity to be yourself and not give a damn what others think of you.”
  24. “When you have your own style and personality, it makes life so much easier.”
  25. “I’m proud of my dreadlocks because they represent who I am as a person. They’re real, raw, and unapologetic — just like me.”
  26. “Dreadlocks are a symbol of strength, wisdom and freedom.”
  27. “Your physical appearance should always be natural and reflect your inner self.”
  28. “When you wear dreads, you’re making a statement about yourself. You’re saying: ‘This is who I am.’ It’s an expression of individuality; it’s a statement of pride in one’s heritage.”
  29. “These locks are an extension of me — they’re like another limb that I can’t live without!”
  30. “Dreadlocks are not just hair anymore; they have become part of our culture and our lifestyle.
  31. “The first time I saw someone with dreads was when I was about 11 years old. My father had them and he had this big afro (when he wasn’t in the military). That was pretty much all there was to see back then in South Florida where we lived at the time.”
  32. “I love dreadlocks because it’s a way for me to say I am a free spirit, I don’t care what people think of me, this is who I am.”
  33. “Dreadlocks are not just hair, they’re an attitude.”
  34. “Dreadlocks can be many things. They can be political. They can be religious. They can be cultural. They can be spiritual as well as practical.”
  35. “Dreadlocks are a beautiful thing when you look at their history, how they were formed and why they were formed.”
  36. “People always ask me if my dreads are natural and the answer is yes! I’ve been growing them for about 15 years now.”
  37. “Dreadlocks are a symbol of strength, courage and wisdom. They are a badge of honor, a spiritual crown.”
  38. “I’m not saying that the only way to be black is to have dreadlocks, but black people do have dreadlocks for a reason.”
  39. “Dreadlocks don’t look good on everybody but with myself it just looks right.”
  40. “Having dreads is not about making a statement; it’s about making a change.”
  41. “I am expressing myself with my hair and if someone doesn’t like it I say ‘tough!'”
  42. “I love my dreads because they remind me of who I am and where I come from.”
  43. “When I see women with short weaves or box braids, it reminds me of how much better off I am than them.”
  44. “The older you get the more your hair grows and gets longer so this is the perfect hairstyle for me!”
  45. “Dreads are a statement to the world that you were born with a natural gift that needs no chemical enhancement.”
  46. My dreads have been my most treasured possession. They’ve been my friends, my lovers, and my confidantes. I love them more than anyone or anything.”
  47. I don’t really see myself as having dreadlocks anymore. They’re just part of me now. Like my hair color or the shape of my nose.”
  48. When people ask me if I’m going to comb my hair one day, I tell them I never combed it in the first place because it was always tangled at birth.”
  49. I don’t know what dreads are supposed to look like but I’ve got mine and they’re beautiful.”
  50. A man who wears his hair long is not trying to be feminine; he’s trying to be masculine.”
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